There were once three girls who lived in Spark city. The girls were Meisie, Nomsa and Merriam. They had completed their matric grade and were accepted at Prestigious University to study Business administration. They attended their first classes well.

It happened that one day during lunchtime at the cafeteria they came across a poster of a wild party event happening on the coming weekend. Merriam showed interest about going to the party which also influenced Nomsa to be interested too. But not Meisie. Meisie asked both girls what their main purpose of being at the University was. The girls responded by saying that their purpose is to study, graduate and to have fun too. Meisie advised them to prioritise their studies more than wild parties. Merriam and Nomsa laughed and teased Meisie.

During the first year, Merriam and Nomsa attended their classes but they spent most of their time in wild parties than studying. Meisie also attended her classes and spent most of her time studying at the library. She also joined the University’s netball team and the school Christian organization. The girls attended their yearly classes until exams drew near.

They came into class and met their friend Dorcas. All learners sat ready to write final exams. While the invigilator was handing out the question papers Dorcas whispered to her friends, asking them to cheat in the exams, but the three girls refused and warned her not to. Dorcas did not listen to the girls. Instead she continued and cheated in the exams. Later on she was spotted by the invigilator and given a two year suspension from the University. The girls were saddened by Dorcas’s situation. The year end was near when all three girls received their results and passed their first year. Meisie got the highest marks.

The girls met again in their second year of study. Meisie continued to spend more time on her studies, but Merriam and Nomsa kept on spending more time on wild parties. During the week they would attend their classes, but on weekends they would party until early Monday morning. Meisie warned them about the outcomes of attending the wild parties where people were drinking alcohol, smoking and even falling pregnant. Merriam and Nomsa laughed at Meisie and said that they will wait and see who gets better end results.

Merriam started to dodge some of the classes. Merriam and Nomsa sank deeper into drinking alcohol, smoking and dating. Merriam drank more than expected and missed most of her classes. She also dated more than one guy. She posted pictures of her at wild parties holding beers. Meisie told her not to post any bad pictures on social media because the companies she would apply to would check her social media. She advised her to put professional pictures instead, but Merriam ignored her. Both Meisie and Nomsa warned her about falling pregnant if she kept on behaving like she was, but Merriam would not listen to them.

The time drew near to the end of the semester and girls were about to write their tests. They all wrote the tests and finished. After a few weeks while they were sitting in their residence room, Merriam started to vomit continuously. Meisie asked her to go to the doctor for a check up. Merriam went to the doctor and found out that she was pregnant and had a sexual infection. Merriam cried and went back home to inform the girls about what happened and they consoled her. They encouraged her not to give up on her goals despite her obstacles and to believe in God for her success. Merriam apologised for not listening to Meisie’s good advice. The girls attended all their classes until the last exam date arrived. They wrote exams and finished. After some few weeks they all got their results, and only Meisie and Nomsa passed, but Merriam failed.

It was the third year of study for Meisie and Nomsa at Prestigious University. Meisie and Nomsa attended their classes with joy. Meisie continued to focus more on her studies, but Nomsa continued to focus more on wild parties. When Meisie saw this she asked her if she had not learnt from what happened to Merriam, but Nomsa said that she was different from Merriam, she would still make it through. Nomsa continued going to the wild parties on weekends, and she dated a guy named Collen. The girls attended their classes until the semester tests arrived. They both wrote their tests, finished and went back to their residence room.

Later on Nomsa agreed to meet with Collen at a party. Nomsa arrived at the wild party and could not find Collen. Nomsa tried to call him but it went through voicemail. Nomsa looked around and found Collen cheating with another girl. Collen admitted that he was cheating. Nomsa went back to Meisie crying. She told Meisie about what Collen did to her and she also told her that she was quitting her studies because of what Collen did. Meisie told her that it would be foolish to let Collen destroy her studies. Meisie tried to encourage her but Nomsa could not take it and she quit the University. The exams time drew near and Meisie wrote, passed and completed her degree studies well. Meisie graduated, receiving a Business administration degree with cum laude.

She got a senior administration job at a global firm through the University’s job agency organization. She worked for 3 years and she later started her own administration company. Merriam went back to complete her outstanding University studies. Nomsa started a small business and she never went back to the University.

That was the end result of the three girls at Prestigious University.