The more technologically advanced we become, the more humanely disconnected we are. Everyone is alone and empty; we no longer need each other anymore. There’s so much on our finger-tips, we can gain any relationship with a simple click of a button. Human-beings are being helplessly stripped of the concept of free-will and inner-being, instead we’re given sufficient delusions of personal serenity. By seeking the material world we lose our inner world.

Morals and traditional customs are shunned upon.

The glorification of what destroys society is constantly forced upon us. What is now the truth of this world? Will there ever be a need for human interaction? Is the world really a haven to nurture the perspective of a child’s mind? The traditional image of family no longer exist, family is disjointed by the very technological devices we thought benefits us.

In the book Brave New World – by Aldous Huxley, he predicted a dystopian society in which people will adore the very technology that will undo their capacities to think. In 1984 – by George Orwell we are presented with a society that helplessly becomes enslaved by the advancement of technology.

I, as an aspiring author, am in fear and distress for the society I live in. Books, the greatest sentiment for our existence, are now considered taboo amongst most people. When I write my book who shall read it? If everybody is glued helplessly to their cell phones, am I to wage a hopeless battle I’m destined to lose? So in conclusion, get rid of all that dehumanises us before it’s too late or else disconnected shall we remain forever.


Tell us: Do you believe that the world has lost that closeness as a people because of technology?