Have teachers lost their touch in keeping students in class?

When parents send their children to school, especially those in high school, they believe they are getting educated. It never occurs or crosses their minds that they or may not be attending all their classes. Parents believe that teachers have the capability to make them do what they want. But over the past decade, teachers have struggled to keep their students in their classes. But why is that?

When interviewed, some of the pupils who bunk or skipped classes answered the following:

“Most teachers make me drowsy as soon as they start to teach.”

“Teacher So-and-so speaks too fast and the others speak too slowly.”

Some even said they knew they won’t pass so they see no use of trying. And the others only do certain subjects because it is expected of them. Some would rather sit with their friends outside than be in any classroom at all. On the other hand when certain teachers were interviewed their responses were as follow:

“Pupils abuse their rights because they know that nothing will be done to them when they misbehave.”

Other teachers said, “Students looked up to celebrities who did not complete school and they think it will also end well for them. Not everyone is destined to become famous someday, not if you are lazy.” Students have renamed some parts of the school grounds SUN-CITY. They say it is a piece if heaven at school; a place to sit, chill and be merry.

Parents who have come to know of this feel burdened, they feel that this will have a huge impact on the future economy of this country, and they are influencing the ones younger than them. Parents also worry that they will bring to pass a fallen generation filled with poverty, high birth and death rates due to a lack of education.

What will become of this country if its only hope is hopeless and is not enthusiastic about knowledge and education? Who will they blame when war, famine and poverty occurs.

Education is the key to a bright and successful future. If not nourished it will be lost along with men’s intelligence.