It was a late and cold night in winter when we received a call concerning my brother. He apparently got attacked by a snake at his workplace in Johannesburg. We were gathering around a fire when we decided to go to sleep because everyone was shocked.

A breeze of cool air blew past me as I enjoyed the view. It was a beach full of people enjoying themselves, dancing, swimming, singing and having a picnic with their loved ones. The ocean was alive; it kept sending huge waves to the shoreline.

It reached us with anger, chasing us away. I waited and closely watched the ocean as a gigantic creature that looked like a skeleton rose aggressively from the ocean. It was a scary human-like creature. It leaped towards, us holding a long rusty axe in its hand. It had only one eye at its forehead.

People started running away because it was eating humans, picking whoever it came across. I pulled out my gun and started shooting at it, and it moved so fast towards me. I was a size of a finger to its height and it picked me up like an ant. I looked closely at it and a shark came out of its eye, ready to feast on me.

I fired my last two bullets at the shark. The gigantic creature dropped me and I woke up and realised it was actually a horrible nightmare. I never went to sleep again that night.


Tell us: Do you have a nightmare that you’ll never forget?