“So, Miss Irving seems to have died of bronchitis, so reads the report of her death. However, I’m sceptical. It seems just too perfect to be truth,” said Detective Levi to his partner. He believed that someone in the hospital was responsible for the death of Miss Irving.

“There’s many ways for us to use our time more effectively sir,” said Detective Copper. He was partners with

Detective Levi for the past 5 years. He never once got used to Detective Levi’s obsession with doubting everything. Suicides, homicide, accidents even the colour of the sky, Detective Levi disproved the concept of absolute truth.
While it seemed as though Miss Irving did die a natural death, Detective Levi had spent hours in deep mediation about the case. Every facet and possibility he had applied to Miss Irving’s case, from aliens killing her or a short Leprechaun seeking revenge. Though Detective Levi’s method was ridiculous, he did however boast a 100 % success rate on all his causes.

“Copper, a piece of paper doesn’t mean much. Do you have any idea how easy it is to forge papers in today’s world?”

“No, not really sir,” replied Detective Copper as they made their way into the hospital.

“Excuse us nurse, it’s us once again. Do you think we can have a word with you once again?” asked Detective Levi. Nurse Steward, who was assigned to the care of Miss Irving, had been questioned previously on another occasion.

“No, not you two again! Look I’m very busy.” Replied the impatient nurse as she was about to start her duties at the hospital.

“Please Nurse Steward, it will only take a few minutes of your time, alright?” stated the humble Detective Copper.
Entering a private area of the hospital, nurse Steward sat impatiently, while staring at Detective Levi. He then took out a document from his pocket.

“Explain to me how a lady with perfect lungs dies from bronchitis?” asked Detective Levi who stood near the nurse. She became shocked after she read the paper given to her. “That’s correct. I had the forensic doctors do an autopsy on Miss Irving’s lungs. Guess what the result was? Well, you can read so I suppose there’s no need to say anything,” sarcastically said Detective Levi to the nurse.

“Now the question is this, why did you kill Miss Irving? Simple. You were ordered by Doctor Rees to do so. However, what motive did you and the Doctor have? He was caught by Miss Irving having affair with none other than you,” concluded Detective Levi. “Poor lady, and here I was assuming that a Leprechaun did the deed on her,” remarked Detective Levi who gave his partner the order to arrest Nurse Steward.

“As always sir, your deduction is impeccable,” said Detective Copper in admiration of his partner’s skills.

“Like I said, the forgery of papers nowadays is too easy. I was referring to myself of cause. In order to have solved this case I gambled with that simple idea – that maybe the nurse was the killer.”

“So you merely took a chance, if not an assumption, based on your own subjective analysis?” asked Detective Copper in shock.

“I was right nonetheless.”


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