We are a depressed generation. We are hiding behind alcohol and drugs. We don’t value ourselves like our grandparents and our mothers did, they were proud of their bodies and culture. They walked with pride no matter how they were torn apart but they were true to themselves.

Today our bodies and souls are tied up by alcohol and drugs, we can’t have fun without drugs and alcohol. We are going through so much but we are trying to make other people happy to fit in.

We can’t express our feelings because we will become a laughing stock to our friends and families. We can’t go out and look for help since we are living for other people. Why can’t we be there for each other?

Yes, we are strong but we get tired, we need someone who will listen to us and not give us judgemental looks. We are a depressed generation; we find comfort and love in alcohol and drugs.

Tell us: Do you think this generation is depressed more than previous generations?