Change is vital. Sometimes it feels great to be in your current situation. But, once the wheel turns and change comes; one needs to adjust to it. Getting up and hitting the ground running is always a good thing, but only when one’s state of mind is positive. Remember, negativity, self-pity and bad attitude never bring justice to anyone.

What is change? Change is a different stage of life where one experiences new things, either good or bad. When the good change happens it’s always a great pleasure to all of us. We don’t ask questions as to how, when, why or where, because we are too busy embracing the feeling and experience to care about techniques. A good change is everyone’s dream, be they young or old. As human beings, we don’t really care about the time frame as to when it will happen, but, we do generally have a ‘must-happen-now’ mentality.

A positive change is always ready and available; it is always staring us straight in the eye. One bad thing about it, though, is that it has a small, soft voice. It doesn’t drag out slowly, but rather comes to one in a moment. Positive change doesn’t wait for you to be at your lowest level, but it does come at the right time. When it comes, it doesn’t really care where you are or who you are with, it just presents itself to you. At that moment when it comes, it demands you be in your moment of doing. To be able to embrace it, you need to wear it on your face, in your heart and mind – always a moment of doing.

This kind of change is drawn to one via positive thoughts. Positive thoughts are not always a natural ‘go-to zone’ when one is experiencing a tough time. My advice is that one needs to always keep a positive attitude, challenging those tough times that come along, and changing them into opportunities.

A positive change is like getting that new pair of shoes that you’ve been dreaming about; it is like owning that smart car you have always wanted; it is like standing on top of the mountain, full of joy and shouting to the whole world that you made it, after getting that dream job or passing your Masters! A positive change is like that moment when your heart fills with joy, like that of a child who just got candy from their parent.

You will be sure that it is a positive change, when you smile nonstop, when you greet those around you more than 3 times a day, when you say “I’m Great!”, even without being asked how you are doing. When you smile alone and pat yourself on the shoulder and say “Yes!” in a loud voice, while walking alone in the streets of your neighborhood. It hits your heart and mind at once and makes you feel like the whole world is in the palm of your hand.

I can say many things about “Positive Change” and never run out of words. My advice is: When that moment comes, grab it with both hands, embrace it, cherish it and be grateful for it.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are two types of change, Positive and Negative change. Having spoken about Positive change, let’s change focus a bit and say a few things about Negative change.

Negative change is like taking a million steps back in your progress. It is like hitting into a steel bar, or more like burning in fire – it is painful. But, it has one big positive element that we don’t always realize. A negative change is a learning curve. In the beginning it doesn’t bring good results or sweet feelings, but it always happens at the right time. This kind of feeling needs someone who is emotionally mature, someone who doesn’t let the challenges get them down. It definitely needs someone who is groomed mentally, and someone who has a positive attitude.

Negative change should be treated as one of those moments you felt when you were young and missed your first soccer game goal. When your friends teased you and even told you that you were a loser and you wouldn’t make it in sport. Remember that 10 years later, you proved them wrong and made it to the captain position in your University soccer team. Treat negative change with care, but see it as a rough turnaround. Be smart and rise above those challenges; use them to your advantage and turn them into opportunities.

No negative change can bring you down. No negative talks can determine your tomorrow. The change you deserve is Positive change! It doesn’t matter how it comes your way, if it presents itself as a negative, flip the coin and see the positive side of it.

Remember, Change is good! Be the change you want to see. Be the positive change.


Tell us: Have you ever experienced (what you thought to be) a negative change that actually turned out to be the best thing that could have happened?