Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop asking God questions; questions like why me? The world is cruel, surely you can see that for yourself. Even those you trusted turned out to be the ones who have turned against you.

You are all by yourself and that’s okay. What I can assure you is that God has a purpose with your life. One day you will be something in life, something big, something that no one ever thought of, something that will leave everyone speechless.

Now it’s high time you stop feeling sorry for yourself and wake up. Level up, walk high with confidence. They may beat you down, but come back high like a tennis ball. You don’t belong in this world, but you belong in the sky. For as long as there are footprints on the moon, the sky has no limit.

Go high, go big. You are the writer of your own history, the painter of your paintings, the builder of your happiness. Now focus on where you are going, focus on your destination, fly high until you make it. You were not born to suffer, but born to be happy, born to be something in life. I know you are capable, so use your capability

As I am about to leave you, let me say, “Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me.” – Psalm 27:10

Lots of love
Your orphan sister.


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