Only if I can get a glimpse of your appearance, then maybe I will be able to live my life in tranquillity. Make a pledge to me that you will not be too hard or too harsh on me.
Promise me that you will bear the burdensome and vexatious moments of life with me.

I have an aspiration of becoming a tremendous author, but I hear voices saying that I should stop daydreaming. I sometimes think that maybe I am hallucinating but wait, isn’t hallucination a disease? Because if it is, then I do not remember being diagnosed with it.

This world is full of crocodiles that are waiting to swallow young and naive girls with visions and goals to accomplish. I know that we all want to see ourselves developing into vivacious women with a purpose in life. We need each other. We have to be optimistic as this world is not for the pessimists because they will perish in a very sudden way. This world shows no mercy for its inhabitants.

Join me as I go down on my knees with my ten fingers on the Bible, praying for salvation from the Paramount Lord.


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