There lived a boy called Sihle. He went to the village of Wakanda to get revenge. When he arrived in the village he went to the royal palace to look for a job. He pretended he was a homeless man. The King kindly asked for all his details.

Sihle said, “They have all been burnt in a fire caused by a gas stove.”

Then the King allowed him to stay in a room outside the royal house and gave him a job. The King bought him new clothes and all the things he would need. He thanked the King for his kindness. Sihle became a security guard there. The King promoted him to his assistant and advisor. Sihle followed the King everywhere he went.

One early morning when the King received a call from the people he organised to kill Sihle’s father, because of the throne, he went to the bedroom and told Sihle not to follow him. But Sihle made sure that the King didn’t see him and followed him. The King told the people that called that he was still making a plan to get their money to pay them for the job.

The three guys threatened the King that if he didn’t pay them they would tell everyone in the village.

The King said, “If you dare tell anyone about the death of Bra Zuki, you will be banished.”

Sihle heard everything, but he stayed strong for the sake of his plan.

The next day the King organised a lunch for his wife and children. They all went to Blue Moon to eat lunch.

“This is the day for the King,” laughed Sihle.

He went inside the royal house to attack the King. When he arrived there, he strangled the king. The King screamed and yelled out for help.

The Queen and the children were on their way home. When they arrived they found Sihle strangling the King. They begged him to leave the King alone. Sihle didn’t listen and then one of the King’s children went to call the bodyguards. The bodyguards took Sihle away from the King.

They called a meeting with the people in the village and their final decision was that Sihle was to be banished from the village. Sihle was banished and the King lived happily ever after.

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