Life will surprise you. One minute you’re on top of the world and feel like if you went any higher you would touch heaven, and the next one you’re really low. But let that be a sign that every day when you wake up you need to tease, argue, laugh, hug, and share with your friends and family.

You need to do all these things because one day you will wake up and never get the chance to complain about the TV remote because the person you used to fight with about it will no longer be there. You will wake up and never get the chance to share secrets because the person you were open with is no longer there, and you will never get the chance to say I love you because the person you loved will never say it back to you because of death. You will never get to laugh the same way again because the person with the lamest and funniest jokes has left this dimension.

Dealing with loss causes a pain you will never forget, and the pain will follow you until you meet your loved one at the crossroads, where they will no longer be lonely again. But dealing with loss needs no counselling, or alcohol abuse, or for you to suppress your feelings. All it needs is for you to be as open as possible about the piece of you that you’ve lost, and how it can never be replaced.

Tears of loss don’t symbolise weakness and they don’t need likes online. Rather, they need you to cry as much as you need to and drink from the cup of peace and acceptance.

Yes, there will be times when you miss the person you lost, and that feeling will never go away because the things that that person liked will suddenly always be around you. Their favourite song, car, meal, drink, even what you thought was the craziest thing they liked, will suddenly seem like a comfort to you.

Signs will come to you that the person you’re grieving for has found peace, though, but those signs will only make sense when you look closer at how much you love them. But you should let them go.

So I remind you, dealing with loss will be the most painful, silent, and non-healing pain you will ever experience, but because times heals and changes, all who want to move ahead will surely heal.

You are not alone


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