In life, we have come across many diseases but this one, is what I call a real disease.

Earlier this year a 35-year-old man from Hilton, a small town, near Pietermaritzburg recently returned from a holiday in Italy. This was the first confirmed Covid-19 case in South Africa. I’m sure that this year was the hardest and most painful year for him and his family.

Just like many other diseases, Covid-19 also has symptoms. But, remember that our immune systems are not the same. That’s why some people won’t see or have any of the symptoms.
The symptoms of Covid-19 are: severe headaches, fever, diarrhoea, body and muscle aches and many others that I’ve not mentioned.

We cannot cure it, but we can prevent the spread of Covid-19. There are preventative measures that all of us should take. Hugging and shaking hands is not allowed. When you sneeze or cough you must cover your mouth.


Tell us: Have you been following the procedures to avoid Covid-19?