You may of your own free will associate with whomever you wish to associate with in this world. The outcome of your association by choice is always consistent with that choice. For example, if you choose to associate with affirmative friends then your consciousness will be influenced in a progressive and right way. If it’s an association with negative friends then their negative attitudes will slow down your progress. ‘Being birds of a feather you flock together’ because of similar thoughts, ideas and feelings.

For instance, a criminals associates with other criminals or those who think, feel, and believe in a similar way and associate with one another. This simply means you attract individuals who have a similar thinking pattern to your own. If your friends are run of-the-mill types, lacking in personal integrity, ambition, enthusiasm and disciplined imagination, then you should take immediate steps to break away from them.

This suggestion might seem a rather hard line to take but in the long run it will prove to be your wisest course of action. For friends who hold to a negative consciousness pattern often will unwillingly negate you in an attempt to improve their social standing and hinder opportunities to exploit your creative abilities.

When you mix salt and sugar, the ants will always pick the sugar crystals. In life learn to select friends that will elevate you, and add value to your life and help you to deepen your relationship with God. Don’t just choose friends anyhow, remember bad company destroys good morals. You can never rise higher than the people you associate with. Choose friends wisely and be sure they truly are your best friends Your life depends on the choices you make.

Why is it important to choose friends well?