It was mid-late February 2016, when I witnessed my empire deteriorating in front of my naked eyes. Never had I thought about such a day, this was partly due to the nature of the love affair it self. I was so soaked in love to such an extent that I spent most of my days thinking about how I was going to tie the knot differently from all other guys. I had already built a mansion and all our international firms were in good state. I had it all except for one thing and one special thing for sure; time.

My beautiful wife was what every Tom, Dick and Harry envisaged as their Queen, for she was every men’s dream. She was a true definition of a lady; you would not in a million years see her scars of pain. Faith Bird was her name. She was an expert in wearing her deep-rooted scars. I cheated on my wife not because she was not the ideal woman that every gentleman dreamt of, but because she was forever too busy for me. Yet I was the lawyer, who was entirely available for her, and she was the busy director of our assets.

Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America knew her by name. She preferred travelling the globe and meeting people than getting to know her own husband better. Her grotesque attitude tore me apart. All she cared about was trying on the custom or rather designer clothes first prior to the international showcase. I did not care much about her extravagant lifestyle. I believed that if one claims to be in love with someone special, like her, it was one’s responsibility to take good care of her.

After eleven months together she found out that I was cheating. The mistress was a lady that was far from her league or “standards” according to her own words. I was obliged to dump her straight away. I proceeded as commanded by the love of my life. Two days later my flawless bundle of everything started acting up. She sent me a text alerting me that marriage is demanding and has expectation of which she was not up for anymore.

I tried to persuade her to think through things before our empire plummeted. But no, she would not listen; she made the demise of our Empire my fault and portrayed me as the bad person to both families. I stood firm and owned my flaws for I believed that we are all human and not perfect. Not only that, but we all trip and fall and it is through falling that we become wiser and better men.

After a month apart I discovered that she was 3 months pregnant and blessed by the devil with baby HIV 7 months later. It was made known to the family that the father of the child was Sibusiso Molteno, an international star and that she was not attending any meetings, but had an affair with the gentlemen above. The above led to my demise; it destroyed me to the core. It made me exist for 7 months; I could not exist longer than that.

I ended up contemplating death and finally lived by finding peace with the heavens.

Love never fails.


Tell us: What would you do if this happened to you?