It’s pretty amazing how someone can make you feel entirely happy but at the same time wish badly on you. Not bad, but they wish to have your life. Do you know what it took me to be here today? Do you know the hardship I had to overcome and the rocky paths I had to cross in order to get where I am right now? You don’t, and you never will!

Let me tell you, it took effort to understand what I want in life. It took my parents’ love and support. There were storms but I had to find a way to cross. Don’t you ever wish on someone else’s life if you don’t know what it took them to be where they are.

Find your own way and make it through those stormy weathers. While doing that, make sure you are happy. Your happiness comes first in everything. You betray yourself when you doubt yourself and think you could never achieve anything in life. You betray my faith in you too.


Tell us: What do you think about doubt?