It all started with a simple, innocent lie, or what we may consider as a white lie. Then I lost myself, I don’t know how and when but, I just lost myself. I have confused reality with a world I made up, so that I could be happy.

I lived a lie and made everyone believe every word I said, even I started to believe my own lies. I couldn’t accept myself and where I came from. I lost my dreams, values and morals.

I was so good at lying, you would swear I took acting classes. I met an amazing guy one day and because I was so addicted to lying, I made up a story so that he could take me in and because I was so damn convincing, he believed me.
I stayed with him for two months. He was perfect and we were so disgustingly happy together. He treated me right and for the first time in my life, I was happy and I felt loved.

He was the perfect gentleman, well until he found out that I had been lying to him about who I was. He lost all the love and trust he had for me and kicked me out of his house because I had lied to him.
A few weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant with his child and because of my deep pathological lies he didn’t believe he was the father and to be honest I don’t blame him.

I took away the chance of my child growing up in a normal family because of lies. No matter how small a lie could be it has dire consequences. No lie is a good lie because dishonesty makes people lose trust in you, no matter how good you were around them, once trust is broken, nothing can be fixed, even if they can forgive you, they will never see you the same as before.


Tell us: Do you believe that it’s always good to be honest?