I believe society tends to be unfair towards girls. If you’re wondering what I’m on about, let me explain what I mean.

When girls and boys get into romantic relations, it’s all chocolates and roses at first, that’s when the love is still new. We promise each other all sorts of things. Yet with only the mention of the word “pregnancy” everything changes in an instant.

A once loving and romantic boy suddenly turns cold and hardcore. As if you, as the girl, impregnated yourself. Society doesn’t make it any easier for girls with its opinions about how they carry themselves. It says things that kill the girls’ confidence and question their morality. Yet it took two to play the part. This is where the saying “it takes two to tango” comes in. Hence, boys should be held equally responsible.

Society should stop placing all responsibilities that come with pregnancy on the girls alone. Yes, I agree women are the ones who carry the baby in their wombs, but it is the man that contributes to the entire situation.

It is surprising how the opinions of society have an impact on peoples’ lives. As people, we must really think carefully about what we say to others as words can be the most powerful weapons. One author once said words can either build or break a person. So let’s think of peoples’ feelings before we speak.

Let’s step up and stop running away from our responsibilities. These ladies need your support when society is against them. Maybe if you guys step up even the perspective of the society might change.

Big ups to our brothers out there who have been supportive of their pregnant girlfriends from day one: you all are a great example to others.


Tell us: Do you agree that society is unfair towards girls?