Making it to college or university does not mean you have to see those who haven’t made it to college or university as if they are brainless or losers. Know that it is just a blessing that you have reached that far and again, a reward of your hard work.

Making it to college or university does not mean that you have to abandon your friends who haven’t made it that far and find new friends at college. Know that those friends who haven’t made to college are the ones who have helped to build your life so as to see yourself as an intellectual. Know that education does not determine or tell you on what type of friends to be flocking around with. You have to know and understand that our journeys towards our successes are different and it is sometimes impossible for all of us to make it to college or university at the same time. It is also impossible for all of us to reach our destination at the same time.

If you are ahead of your friends in terms of school, don’t waste your energy by downgrading or underrating them, seeing them as if they don’t have any wisdom in their brain that holds 3 million neurons, and even reaching a point of seeing yourself as if you are more intelligent than those friends of yours whom you are ahead of. Instead, humble yourself, and be one of the sources of motivation and inspiration to those friends of yours to start working or continue working towards their goals. In that way, those friends of yours will respect you and you’ll become their role model. If you are a believer, your God will also be glad with you and reward you with more blessings for he loves a humble soul.