If I had to make a wish, I would wish to become a South African citizen.

In my home country everyone struggles to earn a living. A lot of people can’t afford to pay medical bills because it’s expensive. South African government hospitals can be cheap and some can be free for treating illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and HIV. People can get medicine with little bit of money they pay. They can get scans for free and food and tablets for free. People suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV can even get money from the grant association. In my home country, nothing is for mahala. From consultations, scans to operations, they have to pay for it, otherwise they could die. But they earn very little to support families.

A lot of people in South Africa have stands/plots to build homes whereas in my home country they struggle to get land. They are forced to struggle with rent, water bills and electricity bills. Some will end up staying with families because they have nowhere to go. We have this too in SA, but it is not as bad as it is in my home country.

Poverty affects people so much that they get tempted with the idea of “quick money”. They risk their lives lusting over making money in two minutes. Some even revert to black magic. They seek the aid of a tokoloshe, not thinking that a tokoloshe will demand the blood of your loved ones and will make you sacrifice yourself. But does money from tokoloshe last? No it doesn’t, because one day you fail to give it what it needs and it will destroy you.

Schools in South Africa are also good even though things are similar to my home country. Some government schools do not require payment of fees. Leaners are given all the facilities and books for free, in my home country there is no such thing.

I am a foreigner trying to earn a living to support my children. It’s been years and I’ve struggled to get a job even though I have a diploma and passed my ordinary level well. If I could get a citizenship that would allow me access to all these things, health-care, social grant, loans and free education, I would take it to enrich my life. You must know that if you become a complainer instead of seeking solutions, you’ll never succeed in life. So be strong and be wise to further your education and work hard.