I’ve been a joke for too long. All my life people laughed at me. Since I was a little girl. I tried to ignore what was being said about me. What hurts is that I can’t change the way I am, I was born this way. I tried accepting my looks, but I can’t. Even my own mother reminded me that I have a disability, that broke my heart, because I never imagined that she would be as heartless as others.

I sometimes wish I was I was normal like everyone else. I will never accept myself as long as people keep reminding me that I live with a disability. I am slowly losing confidence. I can’t look myself in the mirror, because I hate the person appearing there. Why can’t I be accepted by society?
I was born this way and there’s nothing I can do about it. Everywhere I go, people laugh at my situation and it hurts. Beauty comes from within not wearing stilettos or designer clothes or even makeup. I isolate myself from a lot of people, I don’t even have friends. Because of the fear of being judged by my physical appearance. I have no one to turn to, that’s why I write down my problems.

I am beautiful, but in my own way. Being different is not a crime. Treat people the way you want to be treated.


Tell us: Do you believe it is important to treat people the way you want to be treated?