Yes, it’s true, you have been broken. Your trust has been broken too. You were disappointed, torn apart, and you feel like your life has been reduced to tiny pieces.

Things you wanted to achieve in a certain period of time could not be accomplished. You are angry with yourself for allowing all the pain to drain you, pull you down to your knees, deviating your focus from your dreams and goals. Altering the person you are, alongside the beautiful smile on your face together with your confidence.

Yes, it’s all true, but guess what? You are not a victim; you are a survivor. Why do you focus on climbing mountains when you have the power to move them? It is up to you to change all that into a victory because you alone have that power.

You are unique and perfect with your discombobulated storylines. That is what makes you different.

Don’t be ashamed of your past, embrace and make the best out of it. Whether it’s your fault or not, you have made it. Cherish that with colossal joy. So, go out there and share your story with a smile on your face, making your heart look beautiful, because that is what makes you different.

Don’t be quiet or ashamed of your past but accept it. Tell it to the young ones so that they don’t make the same mistakes, so that they will not be emotionally abused, so that they don’t remain silent, so that they don’t feel the same pain you felt. They need to hear you, voice it out, the world needs you with your broken past because that is who you are and that is what makes you unique and beautiful in your own way.


Tell us: What makes you unique?