You know, some dreams are awfully complicated and not easy to explain what precisely you dreamt about. For the past few days I found myself dreaming about horrifying things and I would abhor going to sleep every night, worried that those scariest dreams will continue coming back in my sleep.

However, all that changed when I fell asleep in the noon around 12 p.m. – something very odd happened. I dreamt about my old classmate, a very attractive girl. Every boy in the school was in love with her and tell you what, her heart was the most precious thing any boy could ever want. Her name is Makeiso. I was confused that out of all the females in my class, why God brought Makeiso in my dreams. Nonetheless, I was astonished to see her in my dream. Only Lord knows why.

This is what happened…

All the matriculants in my school were celebrating the longest, tiring journey that they had – the years of schooling. And yes of course including myself. The farewell party was held in the school hall, the dream did not specify the day. And of course the programme certainly provided plenty of food for thought – we were served a three-course meal and enjoyed charming music.

I finished eating my food – it was mouthwatering. I went out to breathe a little, inside was awfully noisy. I found Makeiso seated alone eating her food.

“Hey you,” I waved my hand at her. “I thought you would be inside, dancing to the music.” I said.

She was so serene and that was very unlike her. I knew her as someone who was always in a talkative mood.

“I just wanted to enjoy my food without any disturbance and plus inside is noisy,” she replied.

It was a remarkable coincidence. I stood against the wall and I stared at her with a smile on my face. I pictured myself kissing her and running my hands through her hair. It was like days could go by. She then asked me to sit beside her. I pointed to myself, confused.

“You mean me or?” I looked both right and left. I didn’t know perhaps she was talking to somebody else.

“Yes, you, or I’ll change my mind.” For the first time I conversed with her, she was so friendly with me.

We talked.

The farewell party ended around quarter past five. We took a walk and continued with our talk. Everything seemed very easy. She never, ever agreed to do anything with any boy in school, she wasn’t easy at all. However, I was surprised as you, why would she want to hang out with a foolish boy like me? Or perhaps I resembled her boyfriend with my looks. She kept on talking and I paid no attention to what she was saying, my mind was on kissing and cuddling. I wanted to hug her, squeeze her, kiss her, and tease her. As long as I was with her, it was heaven for me to please her.

We wandered around aimlessly until we sat down on a large rock. We sat close to one another. Our topic ended and we went quiet momentarily. I asked her to sing for me.

“Sing? I can’t sing,” she said.

“But I heard you singing with Mary and other fellow female classmates the other day,” I replied.

Perhaps she was nervous but I begged her three times.

“Alright, I will sing for you,” she said.

She sang a beautiful, romantic song so softly. The birds sang as well, and her voice was warm and tender. I held her hand, it was comforting. We made an eye-contact.

“Makeiso, close your eyes,” I said. She closed them. I was going for the kiss and I…

…was woken by my annoying little brother!


Tell us: Have you ever had a sweet dream like this? How did it end?