She walks around with a covering over her body with space only for her eyes.

The covering is as if a burglar gate meant to protect her from any unwanted entry of pain.

When reality slaps her in the face, the same body she’s protecting suddenly warms up because the fear creeps up and crawls on her skin, brought on by a reminder like a bright idea that pain is inevitable.

Pain is inevitable, at the thought of these words alone; the covering soon cracks giving way to immediate breakdown leaving her frozen whilst heating up at the realisation of her nakedness.

She’s reminiscing the tragedies.

The mind of her brain playing out scene after scene of the misery act of her life.

She’s been broken down to the pits of despair, she’s been agitated by confusion, her heart picked at by worry.

The walls of depression cemented around her mind.

Time heals all wounds they say but she looked up and noticed Him.

She bows down and speaks to Him asking for healing, time is a luxury she cannot afford.

Through time, the walls came tumbling down.

First, it was the crack of her mind opening up to the idea of happiness.

Then the walls came tumbling down.

The cracks were all over the floor, the foundation of depression giving way to joy, happiness, love, self-love, peace, contentment, a quietness of her mind. Not empty quiet, calm quiet, like the stillness of the night, she now felt safe in her own mind. Now willing for the thoughts to play out in her mind without the anticipation of losing it or letting go.

In breaking down, she was now planted in the soil of health, growing up with divine health, being built up to be stronger and more often allow herself chance to forgive herself for being strong enough but not for herself
And that’s the beauty in breakdown. She is what contentment was waiting for.


Tell us: What is the beauty in breaking down to you?