The safety deposit box in the bank was in danger. The encryption code could not protect it anymore and this left the door exposed to the sharks of the financial industry. The bank was like an eagle trying to protect its eggs from an uninvited guest in the nest. The hacker managed to hack into the banking system and the algorithm inside the programming language was infected with Malwarebytes consisting of a malicious virus.

“We’ve been hacked,” said the IT network security analyst intercepting the programming language used to break into the system in order to initiate back-up systems and stop the hack. The wireless access points in the WI-FI network were vulnerable.

“The person doing this seems to have infiltrated the database,” said the IT analyst and continued, “The hacker managed to exploit the banking system in an attempt to steal financial data, credit card numbers and financial records. Other clientele financial information was stolen.”

The bank was at the mercy of a technical genius known as Mr Binary. His finger-tips were pressing down on the buttons of the keyboard. The computer was like a toy to him and he could do anything with it. He was a mathematical protégé; a technical genius full of algorithms in his brain. He used his computer skills to gain unauthorised access into the local banking system and hacked one of the banks in the city.

The hacker was doing this remotely with the help of a rootkit inserted into the bank’s WI-FI hot spot. He took advantage of the WI-FI integrated circuit by inserting the rootkit which enabled him access to the computer software used in the banking system. The bank had to shut its doors to its customers in order to try to reboot its network system.

“Ladies and gentlemen the bank is temporarily closed,” said the bank manager. Security protocols were immediately introduced in order to try and steer the ship from sinking.

The bank ran a security audit in order to rebuild its system from the ground up. They couldn’t penetrate Mr Binary’s algorithms.

“We managed to detect the rootkit in order to find the malicious software inserted into the database system,” one of the IT-security programmers working for the bank said. Mr Binary managed to hide the malicious software using the bank’s own software used to prevent it from computer viruses. This is how he managed to take full control of the security network.

“This is the police, hands in the air!” one of the policeman said. Mr Binary was finally located at an undisclosed location. The rootkit he had used to compromise the WI-FI network at the bank was discovered at an electronic equipment shop where he bought it. The owner of the store assisted the police in finding him. He was finally busted for his cybercrimes.

“You are under arrest, you have a right to remain silent, anything you say will be used against you in the court of law,” the policeman read his rights.


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