My mom’s a pastor. This comes with advantages and disadvantages. As we all know African moms are a bit too much when it comes to lecturing, and with my mom being a pastor she lectures us about boys, about life and about almost every single thing.

We should be an example, she would say. She would even quote the bible. Imagine one has homework and your mother gives you a lecture at 11pm. It’s already late and you have school the next day. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but as for my mom, she doesn’t take less than one hour to finish up the lecture.

But at the end of the day these lectures, as we may call them, help us as teenagers to cope with our daily lives and face the many challenges ahead of us.

My mom is right, we see a lot of teenagers who are mothers… I’m lucky for my mom’s lectures.


Tell us: Do you have someone in your life that gives you “lectures”?