Love used to exist. In this modern age, I am pretty skeptical of the existence of love. Love, to us, has become just a word without meaning. Love, to us, it is about sex and money. There are a lot of jerks out there. If you refused to engage in sexual intercourse with him, he will definitely dump you and assume you do not love him. I say sister do not cry, let the bastard go. He doesn’t deserve you or your tears. Do not waste your tears on a selfish parasite that is incapable of self-sacrifice.

Then there are conniving bitches who are gold diggers. You are their meal ticket to a blissful good life. They don’t love you but your money. To be frank, I am among those people who do not know what love is. I am all about perfect love but love, to me, is about looks and not personality. Let’s just say I am into handsome jerks that are only good at breaking my heart. I think Taylor Swift and I have similar exes. Anyway, it is not about me and my screwed up love life. Love failed me, and I had to live with that.

I cannot let love destroy me. Speaking about screwed up love lives, Zoe Meridith Knight and Connor Mcgregory are the faces of toxic love. You are probably blinking twice wondering what toxic love is.

Toxic love is a bad love that is definitely not good for either of you. Connor is an alpha male who can drive any girl mad or make her even faint. He is perfect but imperfect. The guy is a cold-hearted Casanova who is in a relationship with Zoe.

In the dark, he is a promiscuous bastard who promises other women heaven and earth. He spins a web of deception, knowing pretty well he is preparing for you to lie on his bed of lies. You probably think he knows your name. He is acting like he loves to hear all about you when he is busy undressing you with his eyes. He is sleeping with you, but he doesn’t even know your name or even what letter your name begins with.

One of his girlfriends, Natasha called him. “I am pregnant, and I think I already know the name I will call our child. It will be Connor Juniour.”

“Hey bitch, do not dare name the bastard child with my name. Yes, we had sex, but it was a once off thing. It is not like I love you or something. Zoe is the woman I love. If you dare tell Zoe about that pregnancy, all hell will break loose. I will break your neck. So, it’ll be wise of you to abort that thing,” said Connor hanging up on her.

Natasha had an abortion. She had no choice. She could not raise the baby on her own. She had seen the struggle of being a single woman via her mother who is a prostitute

As for Zoe, she knew the infidelity of her lover. So, she had an affair with Connor’s brother, Conrad. Conrad is more considerate and always there for her, but it doesn’t make it right. Zoe and Conrad were caught red-handed in a sexual act by Connor. He was angry.

He said, “How could you sleep with my bro? You are the most devious trash I know.”

Zoe slapped him. “You have no right to say that. You started all that, and I am not feeling bad. I am actually happy that you caught us, and I will do it again. You are a hypocrite and a son of a bitch. You think I do not know about you sleeping around. You even impregnated my best friend then you told her to abort the child. You’re a murderer. I know all your shady business.”

They both hurt each other a lot, but this didn’t change them at all. Zoe is still looking for love and Connor is still playing around.


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