Two pieces of thread that are tied together stay joined for a long time until one of them breaks, separating the two threads. Once broken, those two pieces of thread can never be put back together the way they were. The only way to avoid one or the other breaking is by taking care of both threads so that they stay strong.

It’s the same with love, the beauty, strength, and endurance of it is dependent on the same care given to those strings. No matter how beautiful the love between two people is, no matter how strong they are; their love is bound to fade if they do not take care of each other.

Letting go of people is never easy. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, there will be people in your life that will hurt you and others you’ll lose to death. You’ll have to learn to let go of those people. It is OK to grieve the loss of people who are still present and yet others too that have passed on. What matters is the process you go through to get there.

I myself have lost many loved ones that I was close to, such as my mother. As an only child, my mother and I had a strong bond. Even today, I keep the lessons that she taught me. I still love her and no one could ever replace my love for her. I dealt with my mother’s death earlier on when I stopped crying, I’d accepted that she’s gone. I miss her very much, more than anything in this whole-wide-world.

To have her back would replace the loneliness I’ve felt ever since her death. I’d be happy again. I learned that for me to truly love her that I would have to let her go. She wasn’t coming back. She loved me very much; I only wanted to do the same for her, even after death.

I found growing up to be a challenge, I’m sure that it is that way for some people too. We, as people, go through our own struggles and search for love and approval in the wrong places. God should be the one we’re looking to for love and acceptance. Instead, we beat ourselves up and end up feeling frustrated; like failures who then end up suffering from illnesses such as depression.

Through all the hardships that we go through emotionally, what matters most is how we react to those hardships.
I remember high school, I didn’t fit in. I tried too hard at everything and tried to befriend people who ended up hurting me. I learned then that there are people who will hurt you intentionally for reasons only they know. I wanted to have friends just like any other high school learner but I got hurt every time I tried making or having a friend.

We all react differently to how people treat us. I had lost so many people in my life that, though it hurt, I let go of those who hurt me. I helped myself to get over that hurt and to let go. There are many people who struggle to do that on their own. There is nothing wrong with asking for or seeking help if you need it. All that matters is that you become a better person through what you go through.

I like to believe that there is no problem in being honest about your feelings, even if it’s in a bad form there is nothing wrong with it. There are ways on how to deal with such things and to get better. If you choose to get professional help, that’s fine too, just as long as you get the help that you need if you can’t help yourself.

All the best.


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