Mduduzi R Mbiza

It was in the last hour before dawn, the dying moments before daybreak and I was on my way to the bus station. It was my first day at work and I was ordered to get there before everybody else.

The morning was rather cold and filled with gloom. I moved at a high pace as I didn’t want to miss the 6 o’clock bus. I was a kilometer away and only five minutes remained before the clock hit the 6 o’clock mark. As I began to run and not so far away from the bus station, I saw the bus leaving.

“Hey! Wait for me.” I yelled as loudly as I could. I tried to run faster, but my tight-jeans defied me to the zenith.

The bus was already far when I got to the bus station, I was now waiting for the 6:30 a.m. one. At least I was still on time.

Just when I was about to sit down on the bench next to the sidewalk, I saw another bus coming down the street. Will it pick me up? I thought to myself with a room of anxiety in my heart. I just had to wait and see.

Fortunately enough the bus stopped and picked me up. As the bus moved I wobbled down, nearly falling on top of an old woman who smiled as I balanced myself with her shoulder. She was sitting at the front, just behind the driver.

“I am like an old tree, I don’t just fall.” she joked. As I walked to the back with laughter, she went along and resumed her conversation with the driver.

All seats were a pair of two. At the back, on my right hand-side, my eyes were exposed to what seemed like my high school crush – Jill. Indeed it was her. I have always been afraid of her, not because I was afraid of girls but because of her beauty, her smile and just everything about her. My legs began quivering, my body temperature raced up.

“Bill.” She called out my name. “Here’s a seat.”

It was the only seat available. I had no other chance. Well, I had but it wouldn’t be the best choice to make. So I approached her as slowly as I could. As I was about to sit down, she quickly stood up and gave me the warmest hug ever. She also gave me a kiss on my left cheek – with her red lips.

“Hey, long time.” She said with a bright smile, as she got out and stood in front of me. She wore a tight long yellow skirt, along with black stockings accompanied by red stiletto heels.

I never stood this close to her; she had this tiny scar on her face – I’ve always wished to get a closer look at it.

Just when I thought I was going to have a morning of my life, a morning of wonder; she told me she was getting off at the next stop. “How far is the next stop from here?” I asked. She didn’t answer, she just pointed out at the stop that was ahead. I turned my head to check how far it was, at an instant I felt the bus stopping.

“Give me your number, I’ll call you.” she said.

Her phone was off and I forgot mine at home. I didn’t know my contact number by heart. She took out a pen and a piece of paper. “Hurry up.” She said as she rushed to the door, the bus was starting to move.

What am I doing? I thought to myself. This is my last chance to get the girl I have always wanted to be with.

Around my neck I saw the access card I received from work. It had my details and my contact number on it. “Just what I needed to get the girl of my dreams,” I said to myself.

As the bus was moving, I quickly opened a window with excitement, I threw the card to her.

“Call me.” I screamed.

My scream of excitement didn’t last for a long time as I saw the card fall into a pipeline just next to her feet. She tried to catch it but it slipped through her hands. I tried to stop the bus but the driver refused. He would only stop at the following station, which was about 5 kilometers away. I couldn’t believe what had just happen; I lost her and most definitely I was going to lose my job.

“Hey my guy, you really love her huh?” I heard a male voice behind me. I turned back to this tall, skinny guy. “That girl is way too hot man. She’s above your league.” the skinny guy added. “And since it’s April fools’ day, anything is possible.”

I screamed with discontent yet with hope that she was not fooling me. “Oh no, April what?”

“Fools’ Day.” Everyone on the bus shouted with laughter.