There was a boy who was named John. He lived with his grandparents in a village called Daveyton Village, Free State. John had gone for a walk around the village when he saw a crying baby near the river. He rushed there as fast as he could

“Please help, help me please!” he shouted. People rushed to him.

“What is happening here?” voices murmured, more people were pouring into the scene.

“I was taking a walk and I saw the crying baby here,” he tried explaining.

“Do you know whose child this is?” a voice could be heard asking.

“No, I don’t.” The community leader took the unknown baby to safety.

The next day John was called to a community meeting. John was asked to go to Faith the farmer and the settlers who lived near the river. He agreed but nobody had heard the baby crying.

“I suggest we escalate the matter and report it to our king,” said the community leader.

They went to the king and they heard the queen crying. They all hid on a big, long wall to find out why the queen was crying.

“Stop crying,” the king pleaded with her.

“How can I stop crying? My baby is missing. My baby was lying on the bed, now he’s gone!” the queen responded.

The king laughed like a hyena and he asked, “How can you want that ugly child? He was like a stray dog.”

John and the community heard what the king was saying. They were all shocked.

“My queen! Is it this your baby?” asked the community leader.

The king responded angrily, “No! This is not our baby!”

“You lie, this is our baby. How can you deny our only child?” the queen asked.

“Wow, miracles happen,” the king said, reaching for his phone. He called someone

“Faith, they found the baby. Why didn’t you hide the baby at the Ancestral Cave?”

The king ran away like a scared rat and he was never found. The queen rewarded John with a penny whistle. John was ecstatic that he had helped a royal family get their stolen baby back. John went back to his home. He told his grandparents what had happened. His grandparents were shocked but also happy that John had helped the royal family. The queen and her baby lived with happiness without the king.


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