“Hi boy,” Thabo says.

“Sho boy.”

“I was with your boyfriend yesterday, dancing at my house.”

Neo is surprised, “What.”

Nasty C came to Thabo and Neo. Nasty C was a good boy at school, but when he went out he was like a mouse.

“Sho girls,” Nasty C says, “Guys, are you OK?” They had feelings for him but Neo was shy to say hello to Nasty C.

Thabo said, “Hello handsome one, how are you?”

Nasty C was amazed that they said ‘hello handsome’ to him.

He repeated it again, “Guys are you OK?”

Thabo said, “We are fine love.”

Nasty C went to the tavern and he met his friend sitting with his girlfriend Mpho.

“Hey babe,” said Mpho, “sit with us babe, I want to tell you something.”

Nasty said, “Tell me what, babe? I just stressed about someone who called me handsome today.”

Mpho is like a camel sitting in the desert.

“Now, who is that fool?” Nompi said. “When I touch that stupid, I will taste the perfect meat.” Nompi was ambitious, he was surprised who would say that to his boss. Thabo and Neo entered the tavern singing.

“Babe, babe, babe, I will rather go down…”

Nasty C said, “Here they are, they are the ones who said that to me.”

Nompi and Mpho said, “What? Thabo and Neo? They are dancing, drinking beers. Thabo are you mad? Go to that handsome guy and tell him you like him.”



“Wait,” said Thabo.

“Now girl, you are going to waste time, go,”

Nasty C went to Thabo and Neo. Neo said to Thabo, “Here he comes, girl. Just relax and speak to him, make jokes, he will be taken by you; girl, just relax, breath in and out.”

Thabo said, “OK girl.”

The tavern was good; there were people, beers and music. Nasty C sat down with Thabo and they spoke. Neo was jealous of Thabo.

Neo and Mpho met and Mpho said to Neo, “Let’s battle boy or girl.” Neo and Mpho battled and Thabo was speaking to Nasty C. Neo was doing vosho.

Thabo said to Nasty C, “Do you love me?”

“Yes,” said Nasty C.

Then they kissed each other. Thabo and Nasty C got married.


My short story is about Thabo and Nasty C. They were friends and Nasty C didn’t know that Thabo loved him and Mpho loved Nompi. And my story is dedicated to the teenagers because friends can be in relationships.