I can’t breathe. I’ve been on the run for the last hour, pursued by the murderous businessman. What have I done? Well let’s just say I mean much detriment to a very large organisation that has taken over our country. The population in our country has decreased radically due to the forever disseminating disease which is HIV. The long anticipated apocalypse has finally arrived.

It’s been six years. I’ve been hiding in these disconcerting, bleak shacks. It’s not much of a hiding place anyway. I’m very prominent in these sorts of areas, seeing as I’m the only Caucasian person around and the only healthy one. Every dog has its day, and today is mine. I don’t believe that running will help me out of this one. I finally bit more than I could chew.

Here they arrive in their large SUVs. My luck just ran out. Now a gigantic man gets out of the car with a gun in his hand. He’s slowly walking towards me. I’m shivering, sweating, ohh God…

I’ve been very busy this past week. I’m a scientist and that means I take a lot of risks, but I think I stepped over the line on this one. Ever since everyone was infected with the disease, it’s been my ultimate goal to try and find a cure for it. The organisation has had everyone living in the country unknowingly take part in the experiment. The results were tremendously painful.

I was the lead scientist in the experiment, the experiment which was to relieve many people of simple sicknesses. Everyone had a shot from their local clinics, some went to private doctors, but at the end everybody had it. We were promised that it was just for medicinal purpose, only to find that someone had mixed up the formula with the Human Immune Virus, creating a new perilous disease. Luckily I was late to receive my shot, and I escaped from the headquarters.

The organisation was to use this as an advantage for themselves, since they could easily gain a lot of money from selling the treatment of this newly developed disease. I felt so used and so responsible. I mean I was the lead scientist, I should have seen it coming. Could I be so dense and stupid? I had to find a way; I had to develop a cure.

And so I started to continuously and consistently try, and after 5 long years I finally found a cure for the HNSSV-232, the Human Nervous System Shut-down Virus. The organisation was adamantly behind me, tracing my steps. I kept on moving from one hideout to another. Now all I had to do was find someone to test on, which is what led me to Shack Ville. I found a willing candidate and it flawlessly cured her.

Thank God he didn’t see me. I am currently running to my uncle’s house, I believe I will be safer there.

It’s Wednesday morning the time is 06:14 to be exact. At my uncle’s house, I arrived very tired yesterday and went straight to bed. I’m currently making a phone call to the ELITE SPECIAL FORCES. It is the only trusted ally I have at this moment since all law enforcement departments are corrupt and under the Organisation’s payroll.

The leader of the Organisation is the Vice President of the country, a very rich and corrupt man. A man with a very bold voice picks up the phone and just at that I spill the beans about everything. Luckily the man seems to believe me and tells me that they have been looking for something that they can use to bring this man down. As I put down the phone and open the door to walk into the sitting room, what I am looking at right now makes my knees feel very weak.

It feels like my life is coming to a crash stop, I feel so debilitated and enervated. There, right there, my uncle is sitting with a gun pointed to his head by a large evil looking man. I stand still like a deer caught in the headlights. Wait a minute, I know this man. This is the very same man who walked out of the black SUV yesterday in Shack Ville… Oh Lord I’M DEAD. Why is he walking towards me?

My head feels heavy, what’s this dark room that I find myself in? Why am I blindfolded? Who are these men that are talking angrily around me?

“Are you ready to talk?” asks a bold voice. It sounds very familiar though, could it be the General? As my blindfold is removed, I see bleak surroundings, it looks like the old abandoned warehouse around May Ville. I see it’s him, the forever on the news General who was my last hope. Next to him is the king of corruption, the promoter of lunacy, the Vice President. I feel much betrayed. I thought this man was to extricate me from all this madness. He asks again, I still don’t answer…

They have tortured me for the past hour. I am in deep pain, my ribs are all broken, every breath I take feels like my last. It seems chances of getting out of here alive are very slim. I am beginning to think these men aren’t sentient at all. How could you bear seeing another human being in such agony? They have taken a break, some time to take a breather. I try by all means to reach to my shoes since I have a cell phone concealed there.

Fortunately I am able to reach it. I quickly log Into Google maps and send my location to my sister back home at Gotham, then I write a message to go with the location. I alert her on how the situation is. At this point I don’t know what they have done to my uncle, she could literally be my last breath. My oppressors come back looking angrier than ever.

I’m on the run, trying to find my way out of this building. It’s been five hours since I sent my sister that message. Ten minutes ago a mob of people stormed in, they had weapons with them. I won’t lie, I was extremely scared since I didn’t know the reason they were there. But when they started attacking the General, the Vice President and his goons, I knew they were on my side.

I got untied and here I am right now, trying to find my way out of this building. I think I see sunlight, I believe that’s my way out. I’m finally outside and I can see a car unlocked. At the drop of a hat I open the door and I’m welcomed by keys in the ignition. I am getting out of here. I can now see clearly where I am. I go straight to the nearest internet café. I get there with haste and go inside. I upload the information about the cure to the News24 Channel. I believe this is the best time to reveal the cure.

It’s been only a month and a lot has changed. The General and Vice President both lost their lives in the shootout, and the cure has been distributed all over the country. The scientists who had involvement in this tragic experience were all tracked down and incarcerated. My uncle was also badly beaten and is still hospitalised. I am slowly healing in my sister’s house in Gotham. I finally have pure sleep and I’m not looking over my shoulder anymore.