Ellen was a very bright young girl who grew up without parents. She lived alone with her grandmother in a small house, with old ripped furniture and cracked windows. But that didn’t bother her at all because she just didn’t care about anything in this world anymore. When both her parent died, she thought that life was not worth living. Why care when nothing good seems to come your way?

She lived in tears and sorrow, her heart had ever since been broken and nothing seemed to repair it. She had given up hope and she had given up on life. She had stopped searching for joy in her life. But, one day while she was playing the piano during break, her school principal came in and asked her to give the learners some tutoring on the piano. She had never thought that she could be of any use to anyone. Her principal saw something in her that she never knew existed; passion. And that brought a smile on her face for the first time.

Until that day she had tried to discover and unlock her true potential.