Life has been very difficult for me since I moved out from my aunt’s house.

But I’m glad that I overcame all the challenges. I found a stay-in job, I was all happy. They treated me like a family member; offered to pay for my school fees, uniform and everything a student may need, but on one condition: I had to marry their only son. He was a teacher during weekdays and a drunkard during weekends. If they couldn’t handle their own son, how was I supposed to?

Every pay day I used to spend R500 and save R1000. I bought myself a phone and I went to google and searched for NCV College applications.

October came, I got paid and asked to go out and spoil myself. The older brother drove me to freedom since I was going to be their “makoti”.

Luckily I managed to escape; I told the guy I needed the toilet. I went to the taxi rank and asked for taxis to Durban and went off.

A friend from high school came to get me at YMCA rank where we went to her place. She helped me apply for college. I got in. I passed my level two, I’m on level three now and happy to say I’m doing much better.


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