It was on a Saturday night, my two sisters and I were coming from the store. We then saw a black guy with a lady, the lady was crying because the guy was raping her. Then, we ran away so that the guy does not see us. We arrived at home, then we told our parents about what we had seen, then they told us that we will have to call the police so that this guy can be arrested. The next day I was scared to go to Church because I thought that, that guy from yesterday would come back for me. I thought that, that guy would come back for me and kill me because I saw him.

At night I made sure that the windows were closed and the door was locked, my sisters and I were very scared. One day it was on a Monday, me and my sister were going to school when we saw the guy who raped that lady from that day. We were walking so fast hoping that he could not see us. He did see us, but he did not do anything to us, so I thought,” I think this guy is strange, maybe he did not see us that day.” I then told my sister about my thoughts. We were so happy that he had not noticed us, but I was not really sure if he did not see us or not.

The lady who was raped was in the hospital. We then had to go and see who it was. When we arrived in the hospital it was my aunt who was raped in there. I was shocked because it was someone I knew. The next day we heard the same guy had robbed a house in my community. People were feeling unsafe, especially women because the man robbed a lady’s house and she was also raped.

These incidents kept on happening and this guy could not be found find because he had disappeared. There was no trace about where he was.

In the afternoon, the community members called a meeting so that they could find the person who is behind all of these crimes so that they could punish him. The community members came with a solution that he should be caught at night. At night the men of the community went on their mission to catch the man who was robbing and raping people. They caught the guy at night trying to get in someone’s house to rob and steal. They burnt that guy with petrol and tyres. The man was burnt to ash. When he was dead the people then called police and the ambulance, but when the police got there, no one was around.

That guy’s bones were taken to the mortuary but the guy’s family was not found. After a month the guy’s family was found and the guy was buried. After that day I felt so safe in my community.