There are only a few who would say grandmothers are the best out of all in the family. I could call it a travel, yet granny left usunexpectedly, even though she was sick. I remember telling my younger sister, Salda, that they better prepare for the funeral, and I was laughing.

She was telling me that grandmother was getting much better and better on a daily basis, she was now able to talk. Right now I find it hard to accept that she’s no more, yet heaven gained another angel. May her soul rest in eternal peace!

Years back, mom got seriously ill, to such an extent that she no longer stayed with us, she lived far away from our home. We could only manage to see her when dad knocked off at work once a month. Grandmother took care of us. She would wake up in the morning before us, prepare hot water for us to bath and go to school. When mom was far away she stepped in as mother, made sure that we never missed that mother and child’s love.

You were a great mother indeed.

Grandmother! Who will stand next to my mother’s side now that you are gone? Right now we feel like lost sheep, with no one to guide and protect us. Now you are gone, we are homeless, no family members, and no grandmother. No more playing with your spectacles. I am going to miss knitting your old clothes, taking a walk with you and sharing fruits.

No one will enjoy my coffee like you used to. No one will enjoy my breakfast like you used to. I never had an opportunity to say goodbye to you. I still want to spend a few years and days with you Gogo. Someone please bring her back to life!

Growing up, granny was one of the most supportive women towards us and my mother. I remember my father’s sisters came to our house, shouting, telling us that we should pack our bags and return back to our home where my mother came from. I was in Grade 10 and Salda was still in primary school. My brother had to call the police so that my father’s sisters could leave our home. They all had hatred towards my mother. Just like the strong mom she was, she believed and took everything to be dealt with by the Most High. Our grandmother was on my mother’s side.

Lord, you shouldn’t have taken her! When Mama saw her lying there, not breathing, she said, “She loved me dearly and now she’s gone.” I felt the pain and I couldn’t hold myself but cry. From the day you passed on, I wake up in my sleep crying, wishing that you could come back.

All that we will do is to be strong for Mama and always be there for her. We’ll never let her feel the void you left because that’s when others will start to strike. We will keep praying. Gogo, you did your part, you made Mama stronger. Right now we are going to be our mother’s strength throughout this whole process. What I love about Mama, knowing her, she’s a prayer warrior and she won’t fail. Modimo a ka se mo lahle – Lord will never forsake her). Le ga tee (not even once).

We will dearly miss your presence. Rest eternally in peace! Mokone moroka wa meetsi a pula. Moila tlhantlhane!

1930- 2019 May 31