First of all, the Bible is a book consisting of Old Testament and New Testament. The Bible is
available for anyone who wants to read it, whether you are a Christian or not.

I was introduced to the Bible as a child by my family. It was and still is something that keeps me going. It is the first thing that made me curious about the world. There are many bad things I heard and still hear that people say about the Bible, but that does not make me back down from reading and believing in it.

The are many things that make the Bible very special to me. I remember when I was a child
stealing snacks and balloons at a corner store with my cousins and friends. But when I told my granny about it, she took out a Bible and read a verse for me.

“Do not do something to someone that you do not want to be done to you.”

I understood what she said and from that time until now, I really rely on the Bible. In everything that I do and in my everyday life, I make sure that I do things according to the
Bible, even if it is not easy. The Bible made me be a person I never thought one day I would be and it is not because my family believes in the Bible, but because I believe in it. I’ve seen
people who believe in the Bible become successful.

The Bible is more than a best friend, father, mother, cousin, sister, brother and an uncle to me. It is a shoulder for me to cry on and it encourages me to become a more phenomenal person now and in the future. The Bible teaches me a lot of things, skills, and strategies of how I should behave and how I should live in order to live a peaceful, fascinating, long life without regrets.

The Bible taught me that I should be a people person, love everyone, not discriminate or hate. It taught me that I should obey the Lord’s rules if I want to go to Heaven. I think and believe that with the Bible I will win a great triumph in everything that I do. I do not know how to describe or explain my special Bible. Everything written in it is just incredible and

I would not be here if it were not for that special, tremendous Bible. I am nothing without my special Bible.