Once upon a time in Africa there was a beautiful little child called Hope. Hope lived in South Africa. She was only seven years old and she lived with her mother.

Every day at the dinner table she would quickly finish her food and say, “Mummy, mummy look I’ve finished my food look, I’m much taller mummy, I’m growing!”

Her mother would laugh and say, “Now you need to sleep so that you can grow even more dear.”

Hope would then run to her bed and her mother read stories for her before she fell asleep.

Hope loved princess and fairy tale stories, she would sleep peacefully after that. She wanted to be a model, but her actual dream was to become a true princess with long hair, beautiful dresses, a small white puppy and princess cars.

Every morning before going to school she would measure her height and go.

One night she had a beautiful dream, where kings, queens and the people of Africa where all gathered. Suddenly one kind Queen called her forward, “Dear you look just like an angel, please tell me your story.”

Well while standing she looked around and smiled, “I am a African child, I have short…” she shook her head, “no I have beautiful curled short hair, I’m dark…” she shook her head again no, “I’m little with dark brown skin.”

Everyone laughed.

“I’m beautiful, I carry all my granny’s genes. I am proudly South African, I am mom’s little princess,” she said.

“I bless you dear. From today you’ll be known as the princess of Africa, not just your mom’s little princess, but African princess.”

Everyone, including the kings and queens stood and shouted, “Princess, our African princess!”

They were happy.

“I present to you all princess Hope, our African princess,” said the kind Queen.

“Hope, Hope Hope!” called her mother.

Hope woke up, ran to her mother and said, “Mummy I had a very beautiful dream… I know it was a fairy tale dream, oh you were, the hero.”

“My dear child you are the true hero. My only little princess, I have good news for you, look,” said her mom handing her a page.

“What is this mummy” she asked.

“An application form,” she replied.

“A form?”

“Yes, but not just any form, but an application form for my little princess. The winner will get a chance to act as a princess in an African Princess film.”

A big smiled formed on Hope’s face.


Tell us: Have you ever dreamed of becoming a prince or princess? Why or why not?