Khulekani was a boy who thought he was the best of them all. He always got medals for sports like rugby, soccer, chess and many others.

All the girls in the 11th grade liked him and he took advantage of that. He started standing at the corners calling girls and telling them he likes them and then he slept with them.

One day, he called a girl named Nomusa. Nomusa was a quiet girl who loved books.

“Hey, Nomusa!” he called.

“Hini, ufunani? What do you want?” she said.

“Come on, I like you, don’t you want to have more of me?”

“Yuck, no!” she yelled.

“I’m not asking you, I’m telling you,” he said aggressively staring at her.

“I said no!” she said, firmly.

Khulekani grabbed Nomusa by hand and pushed her in the bushes.

“Make a noise and I’ll kill you!” he said as he began raping her.

Nomusa then kicked Khulekani in the mid-section and ran away, sobbing. She arrived at home and told her parents what had happened. Nomusa’s mother called the police and reported the incident. Khulekani was convicted with 13 years in prison. He was punished!


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