Anela sits on the side of the riverbank, tears falling from her cheeks. She holds her pen and paper placed on top of the book, then she starts to write:

“Dear You,

These are not tears of pain but of disappointment. I imagined myself loving you until the end of time but it seems that time ended us. My heart has been broken not once, not twice but a thousand times. I now realise it was meant to break anyway.

I now realise how I wanted love so badly that it turned out to be more than what I was prepared for. I will not miss you but I will surely remember you. You will be a reminder not to ever lose my glue for I will need it to patch my cracks. I will remember you as a given chance to find someone better.

Some people were built for love and some for war. I fall in neither of those places. I am only a weapon, you may have broken me but I am now sharper because of love wars.

Like I said, you can break my heart all you like, destiny has it that I was for the world to break anyway. These are not tears of pain but of pride.


She folds the paper and says, “This life is not mine, this life I have borrowed. I will live it with gratitude and stand for whatever it throws at me, for I’m preparing to go back home.” She smiles and stands up to throw it into the river. “Whoever finds it, if they find it, will know where they stand.”


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