Most people in this whole continent suffer from a disease. A disease that they never payed attention to. A very dangerous disease that knows no bounds. A disease that killed many dreams and destroyed many goals. This disease is called “self-doubt syndrome”. This is no joke at all, it needs to be taken into consideration.

Have you ever wondered why people with extraordinary talents, ambitions and big dreams are living in poverty and misery, with their talents deserted and dreams forgotten and their focus is on surviving until death comes?

Just one “what if?” may lead to too many and become, “I don’t think I can do this”. Negative thoughts take their course. Questions like, “Who am I to achieve this if so and so failed?” partner with thoughts like “If I fail, people will definitely feast on my name” to destroy a dream that was never lived and never will be.

This syndrome has taken over the world without people realising it. Trust me when I say it moves in every individual’s system. The only difference is how we as people treat it. Some overpower with positive thinking and focus on the goal, positive outcomes. Some allow it to control and take over their lives, destroying their big dreams and goals that they wished to accomplish, making them seem impossible for them to accomplish them.

This disease is the reason why some people are looking down on themselves, making other people superior. The reason why graveyards are called the richest place in the world because of the unfulfilled dreams and beautiful talents of the people laying there in regret and sorrow.

There is no cure to this disease but there is a way to treat it. Believing in yourself, your dreams and goals is a start. Ignoring people’s negative opinions about you or your future plans can also numb this disease. Focusing on the future and learning from your past mistakes and failures instead of dwelling on them can contribute in stowing this illness. Surrounding yourself with people with the same goals and ambitions as you weakens the power this disease can possibly have over you. Thinking big, the impossible and working towards that helps build self-esteem and chain self-doubt syndrome .

Once you apply these mentioned treatments, you will never go wrong in life. You will be one of the survivors of self-doubt syndrome and not counted in the statistics of those who succumbed to it and die in regret and misery.

I once allowed this syndrome to lead my life and I will forever live to regret the years I wasted not believing in myself. Therefore, I plead with you not to allow it to lead your life because that would be eating a very poisonous substance and expecting the world to pity for you. Be wise! Otherwise if you’ve chosen the other path shame on you!


Tell us: Do you think self-doubt is a threat to one’s success?