It’s going to get better – it must. If there was only joy and piece in this life, then we would have never learnt anything. Some birds are not meant to be caged forever, for their feathers are just too bright. A day will come when you will soar into the blue sky and follow the rainbow with other birds that dared to soar as high as you.

To be is to do and to do is to do now, for tomorrow might not be there. Everything you dream makes it so vulnerable for you to achieve. If we don’t try, then we can never find out if it is going to work out.

If I try today and fail, that’s the beauty of life. There is always a second chance. I don’t believe in failure; I believe there is a missing chance. A person who tries is never a failure but he who waits for things to miraculous happen is a failure.

Someday in the future I would like to look at the picture of my younger self and say, “Kid, we did alright.”

I may have hit a hard rock along the way, but I have navigated through. I thought of quitting, but I bounced back up and said to myself, ”Let me keep fighting for it gets better.”


Tell us: What’s your definition of failure?