So I stood there, watching them as they carried on as though I didn’t exist. Penuel remained silent. Occasionally mumbling at whatever they were discussing.

I’m just a thought. If only there were two of me. On second thought, I’d be able to make bigger brainwaves. And there he was, Patroni, who couldn’t wait to come in between. Asking all these erratic questions as though he was an over enthusiastic eight-year-old child. I rolled my conceptual eyes as he blurted out to God that he’s forever young. God laughed and told him to continue with the fairy tale. So Patroni said to him, “Don’t forget, you’re just an idea in my mind.”

Just then, I mumbled, but God said it, “That’s exactly what I am.”

My eyes blew up in awe.

Patroni smiled and said, “Nice try, your confusion tactics won’t work. I’m nerd proof.”

Well I wasn’t, and my eye was beginning to swing violently like waters at high tide between the two. Then Penuel pulled back his hood, something I’ve never seen before. He stepped in as he revealed a golden halo, looking like a snap back with an ohm symbol on it. He waved his hand and duck-tape covered the two children in his presence then said, “Silence, listen.”

He paid no attention to their confusion and muffled complaining continuing, “Time for your medication,” he laughed and said, “I meant meditation.”

They stepped into his Zen garden. Of course, I had to come closer to see. By the time I was there, they were already reaching zero point – a blissful state of no mental gravity. Footsteps sounded from all directions as I got scared. Three figures announced their pressure with what sounded like a walking cipher. Beat box and ill rhyme echoed with strength in the atmosphere. I looked again at Patroni, Penuel and God. They seemed to not be bothered by the drama going on, I didn’t understand. Or could they even hear what was going on? I remained as calm as I could as the sounds got louder and the three figures came closer. And there they were. In front of me. The eye of time: Patroni, God and Penuel. I looked back again through the glass of the doors of Penuel’s zen garden. And there they sat still. Not an inch moved.

God then said, “Do not doubt our identity. We are present.”

I became calm. This was it, they finally recognised me. After spending 21 cycles in a confined space called the back of my mind.

“Shit yo!” Patroni exclaimed, “Can we get on with the cipher? God drop that beat box man.”

God wasn’t hesitant, it began as I broke into a spit rhyme:

Follow me on a cloud beyond the stratosphere. We shall have a cipher there as we let cancerous breath into the air.

Indeed, infinity struck as we stood there ciphering tirelessly. Impossible right? A car that moves without wheels, that’s how we roll.


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