Sex is a taboo subject in my community and at Mohlakoana’s household where I live. I’ve never had someone who was bold enough to have a sex talk with me when I was younger. That’s why I am such a huge fan of premarital sex.

Premarital sex is a sexual activity that is practised by people before they get married. It is commonly known as sex before marriage. Sex is a luscious topic to us youth. Our parents are acting like they had never been young in their lives. But the truth is they were young and reckless once. It is understandable for them to be overprotective of us. They don’t want us to get pregnant at a young age or even worse, be infected with sexually transmitted infections.

Sometimes people tell us that premarital sex is a sin that must be forgiven by confession. Oh! Hell no! Do they know why we are such a wild generation that likes to experiment with things? We are inquisitive by nature. We go through puberty and we develop sexual hormones.

When I was a minor I was not attracted to boys. I thought boys were gross. But now I see boys differently, I can even say, “Ooh! That guy is hot. Just look at those abs and luscious lips.”

I have a boyfriend whom I find attractive. Our parents need to understand that we are growing, and we cannot control our feelings. They must know that we are very sexually active. Peer pressure also makes it hard for us. Our peers these days are deflowered and they make it seem unpleasant to be a virgin.

Honestly, I don’t want to die a virgin. Life is too short; I might die without knowing the feeling of losing my virginity to the man I love.

Another reason for us youth to practice premarital sex is the belief that if people are in a romantic relationship they must engage in sexual intercourse to make their relationship stronger.

A relationship without sex is doomed and it has no spark. If a guy is not satisfied sexually he will go to those loose girls who won’t hesitate to give them what their lover is failing to deliver.

I am not trying to put poison in anybody’s mind. This does not mean that I want girls to defy their parents and do as they please. I am just stating how inconsiderate I feel our parents are. We are human beings too.

I could be wrong but I believe in what I say. We must listen and give our parents the great respect that they deserve. These people gave us life. All I am asking is for them to let us make our own mistakes.


Tell us: Do you believe in sex before marriage?