Mountains are so high to climb. Voices shouting on the other side of it. Light. Town. Calling out. When are you getting up here. Humanity calls.

Saw myself jotting it down was all about expressing myself trying to let it be known how it feels being lost far from home. Your dreams. Destiny. Calling.

All sorts of sounds that I am taking in, up to the rivers with melodies soaking my soul, pushing me to get closer to my heart. Homes calling.

I got to pick up this call that never stops ringing. Wanting me back to life. Alive to get busy serving. My life. Calls any moment being awake or not. At night quiet sounds as dark as they can be. Calling.

Hope sparkles in my heart when I hear the call for life. To get up again in the morning. Given another chance to make it big. I got to respond to my call.

It’s a calling to life you have to be there. See the light. Come out of the cave. You’re free to go. Fly away. Spread your wings and make a way.

It’s a calling, I am calling you out. To life. Alive. It’s a calling. Respond it’s a calling.

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