31st October 2020 was the day I met my own person, the love for my life. The person who managed to bring out the best in me.

In my years of life, I’ve experienced many relationships, many of which made me realise how cruel and heartless I could be, and some that made me know that I can be as loving and gentle too. She made me realise that, in life, there is the love of your life, and the love for your life. The love of your life is the person you love wholeheartedly, and they love you too, but your relationship with them won’t work, ‘cause the relationship will be toxic and filled with jealousy.

Then, the love for your life, is the person who’ll come in when you’re at your lowest, and make you feel happy and make you laugh again. That person will love you madly, and they will make sense and feel right for you. The love for your life will bring out the best in you, and help you better yourself in every way.

Now, she is just that for me, she is the love for my life. She makes sense when nothing else does. When I feel like giving up, she makes me realise that failure is just a stepping stone to success. I’ve dated many girls and, as a result, I’ve had real-life experience in what relationships should be like. But meeting her made me realise that all that I’ve experienced in the past, that I was thinking was love, was just a taste of the real love to come.

Her chocolate-dark skin, her hazel-brown eyes and radiant white smile are what captivated my attention, but her gentle soul, her endless contagious laughter and her beautiful heart hold my heart.

I love lying next to her, especially when she looks at me with those pretty brown eyes. When I’m with her, I feel like I can do everything, or just do nothing at all, and just stare at her. I love the feel of her touch on my skin, I love the warmness and gentleness of her lips on my lips. I appreciate her warm and sweet kisses that assure me of her undying love and loyalty to me.

There is absolutely nothing I don’t love about her. If anything, all her imperfections are what make me fall for her even more. Her walk is graceful and gentle, like she sways her hips just for me to feast my eyes on. When she’s talking, it feels like she’s singing a beautiful melody that only my heart can hear.

I love the fact that she’s my girlfriend, and I am her girlfriend. It feels good going to sleep, knowing very well that when I wake up, she’ll still be mine. When we link hands, it feels like our hearts are touching and beating in sync. The intensity of our hand-holding is a love language I do not understand, but readily participate in. When I lie on top of her, while her hands caress my head, making me feel woozy and sleepy, I become more attracted and in love with her. When she does that, my blood flows freely in my veins.

I’ll never forget that day, 31 October 2020, and as she and I are heading off to have our first anniversary, I cannot thank God enough for the day she came into my life and made me see again. I can breathe again. I can love again!

I know what love is, and this is because of her.

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