Your hard work is useless if it does not before your fruits.

There is what we call a ‘working spirit’; the spirit of wanting to do things. But at times having a working spirit is useless if you work but bear no fruits.

Some people have a working spirit but they fail to produce effective results until the end, they start things but never get to the finish line. You must be strategic in order to carry out your good work until the end. You must be a person who calculates risks and plans things properly, evaluating how you would run your idea or work from start to finish.

Most people get an oomph to start things but they don’t have the same energy going forward, they get tired along the way. That is why many business ideas don’t last, because owners didn’t evaluate their idea, they didn’t check out the disadvantages and everything that will hinder them from going forward. They started very well because they were still excited about venturing into a new business. But they lacked the capacity to finish. It will always be like that if you don’t have an effective strategic plan, you will fail.

Some people have so many ideas within them. These ideas would change their lives and the society they live in. However, these ideas will remain ideas if they don’t have a well-planned strategy.

Let me define strategy according to the dictionary meaning: It is the skilful use of planning as a business, politics or social relations.

So this is all about planning. You must have a very detailed plan so that you won’t cry for your wasted time, money and resources. Being strategic will help you through till the end.


Tell us: What kind of person are you, the planner or the impulsive kind?