My mother used to put me on her lap and balance my head with her arm. I developed and grew until I could stand on top of the counter to be fed. Soon I crawled. I would crawl everywhere, even crawl to my mother’s legs and as time went on I saw her legs as sweets.

She would help me stand up and I would try to climb on top of her knees while she was sitting, and get down after. Time went on and I stopped playing that game because I was getting older.

I knew that the world is full of trouble, so much that you can’t stop thinking about it and it’s something that you just can’t run away from. I realised how stress-less life was when I was a baby, and how it has its own challenges. How much we go through usually are things that we didn’t think we would face or go through.

Growing up is hard, but it’s a challenge that we have to go through.

I got to meet different types of people who are not like me or have the same behaviours like I do. It made me feel like I’m from some planet. I felt like a stranger. But I realised that it’s life.

What about you? What woke up or shocked you and made you realise that you’re growing?

We all grow, sadly, sometimes without the things that we thought we wouldn’t be able to survive without. I would like to look at growing up as being strong, prepared for life. We don’t choose over lives but our lives are already known by the Almighty, He knows everything.

I don’t know much about life but I know that we are all growing up and that the power of knowledge and wisdom comes with challenges.

Are you prepared to face life? Are you ready?


Tell us: What do you think about growing up?