Desires and loss of belief brought by the passage of time and uncertain misinterpretations of this age bring futile minds into the picture. There once lived a multitude of people who believed in different things, separated by religion, race, personality and current standard. 2044 is just a number, but ferocious things originate there. 2044 brings uneasiness and it compels one to anticipate what happens: a number of people dying, replaced by unbelievers, traitors and home wreckers.

Sir Malcom, Adolf and Le Quien, these are three noble gentlemen who lived in Munich, who believed that the future would be splendid for them and their citizens, only to find it was only the beginning of a Cataclysm. They lived a happy life, in a healthy land, full of a healthy flock of animals, not separated by anything but gender. Folk stories brought them together, family time grew stronger and stronger, they had the cure to any disease, but they could not cure what was coming to them, more than the ‘unbelievable’.

In the year 2044, things started so excellently. They cared for each other, understood each other, they admitted each other’s background, they did not just separate from each other because of some condition. Unlike the fact that there was no problem in this age, people were slowly straying away from their beliefs due to a perspective that people had in their minds.

Technology, the destabilized aspect, yet it wreaks havoc, dislocates the bond of many citizens, Sir Malcom, Adolf and Le Quien witnessed the change brought by these machines. They bragged about it and did not believe each other’s opinions while citizens were losing their way of living.

They were so reliant on technology that it even affected the climate patterns of the constituency they were in. Catastrophic rain flooded the area, disturbing the crops growing in that area. It was a huge problem to the three gentlemen and the citizens; Munich was close to annihilation, and they had to inhabit somewhere, but they had no idea where to go.

Sir Malcom, Adolf and Le Quien had the precise attitude: never run away from your problems, just face them and get them over with. They analyzed the situation, and it took time to keep in touch with the situation because the citizens of Munich did not understand the origin of this omen. They went against the decisions taken by the three gentlemen, and instead they thought technology was the best use to solve every setback.

One of the gentlemen, Adolf, who had the same experience, in 2016, said, “People of Munich, I hereby stand before you, very concerned about the way you behave. It is injuring the whole of Munich, and our existence only brings tyranny. We have to change before it is too late, if we do not take care of the world, then the world will not take care of us. We can get through this. Together let us conquer the darkness and bring the light into our fight.”

The residents of Munich heard the encouraging words of Adolf, and they took the right path to accomplishment. They all realized that neither technology nor violence can solve a predicament, but it will only make it worse than before.

This world will never be the same because of the stubborn people who lack the knowledge about how the world is treated, thus I say the situation will only get worse and create more and more problems, not solutions.


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