Nothing brings me to life like the smell of coffee early in the morning, or in the busiest day of the week. He knows I could never say no to a cup of coffee. He knows how to calm me down.

Yesterday afternoon I saw him kissing our neighbour down the street. I wanted to kill him with my bare hands but what good would that do. When I was about to turn away, he called my name.

“Anny, Anny!” he said with his deep yet sweet voice.

I had nothing to say, I didn’t have enough courage to turn back so I kept going. I noticed that he was following me, so I walked as fast as I could. I was faster, he couldn’t catch up. I got in our bedroom and locked the door. He knocked several times, with his voice full of charm he sounded apologetic when he whispered, “Anny please talk to me” but I kept the door locked.

I must say, they looked good together. His long legs matched her thick thighs and their skin complexion complemented each other very well. I was jealous because we didn’t look that good together. Our skin complexions don’t even complement each other.

After some hours I couldn’t take one more minute without my cup of coffee. I opened the door and found him preparing dinner. In his hand he had his favourite cup with coffee. I wanted it badly but thinking about what I saw made me turn back.

He knew how a cup of coffee calms me down so he offered me his cup. I took it with both hands and took a sip. The smell, the way it tasted, everything was just the way I liked it but I thought why should I swallow this? Why should I even accept anything from him so instead I spit it to his face then threw his favourite mug on the floor , it broke into pieces, “that’s how my heart is” I said while going back to my room.


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