It was late on this dark winter’s night. I was still waiting for her. We were supposed to meet there on that day at 5 o’clock.

She cannot be this late, it has been an hour and 43 minutes! She’s not coming I should get out of here, thoughts flew in my mind as I was standing next to the swings alone. All by myself. Pissed as hell.

I decided to leave. I walked down, approaching the gate to exit. There, I looked ahead, were three guys standing next to the gate. They looked dirty and all were stinky, like zombies. It has been a decade since they last touched water for sure, laba, I thought to myself.

My phone rang, I checked. It’s my girlfriend, I bet she wanted to cancel and apologise for not coming. As I was so heartbrokenly disturbed by the thought of how could she do this to me, Amaphara came to me.

“E’kse k’mashan sosha? Sacela usboleka leyo phone yakho phela (howz’t bro? Can you please lend us your cell phone?)” he asked.
Okay I was really confused. Were they robbing me or maybe they wanted to use my phone for like a few seconds and maybe… (doubtfully) bring it back I didn’t know. Why were they asking for it so nicely.
That guy at the back seems to be really hungry and would do anything just to get food. I should help out, maybe they want to call someone who can give them food and shelter, I convinced myself as he kept scratching his skin.

“Yhoo, I wish I could help guys, but I don’t have airtime right now. Maybe you can text via WhatsApp?” I said.
“Bamba ndoda, sidala kanjena thina lana. Singaphezula zonke iy’nombolo zakho simashe. Sidalele lenombolo siy’fake. Ngoba wu. Darky angeke sik’dale nombolo. (Look man, this is how we roll here. We can take all of your stuff and leave you naked. Just give us your cell phone we’ll leave you unharmed because you’re black)” the other one in front said to me aggressively, showing me his huge knife in his jacket.
“Okay, you don’t have to eat me,” I said, handing out my phone.
I was now so scared that I could hear my heart beat so hard.

“Nalelowashi brazo! (and that watch too!)” he said.
They took it and ran off, nowhere to be seen ever again with my cell phone or watch.


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